Care & Maintenance

A. MFC & Laminate Products

  • - Use damp soft cloth to remove general soiling and water-borne stains. Use mild soap or detergent when cleaning difficult dirt.

  • - Avoid water penetration into the edges of desktops. It will make the wood-top swollen and edges may detach from the top.

  • - To remove oil-borne/greasy soil, use a damp soft cloth soaped with a solvent or thinner (diluted according to manufacturer direction), wipe the surface in back and forth direction until the soil is removed. Wipe the surface clean with another damp soft cloth.

  • - Contact our Customer Services Department for maintenance arrangement. Maintenance or delivery fee may be charged.


B. Lacquering products

  • - The maximum loading of drawer complies with GB/T 10357.5.

  • - To prevent distortion of desktop, heavy loading of desktop complies with GB/T 10357.1.
  • Use diluted cleansing solvent to remove any oil-borne stains instead of oils/ammonis-containing cleaners or concentrated/erosive solvent.

  • - Prevent direct contact with erosive solvent, alcohol, nail enamel, cleansing detergent etc.
  • Periodically move desk accessories and other objects kept on the worksurface to ensure even aging.

  • - Acidic, alkaling, hot objects will damage the surface of the desk. Use desk pads or coasters to help protect the finish against permanent damage.

  • - Avoid contact with sunlight or ultra-light since they will accelerate the aging of the painting.

  • - Lift objects like stationeries when you move them, instead of pulling or pushing them across the surface, to avoid scratching the surface.

  • - Use soft brush to wipe away surface dust, or use dry soft cloth to wipe the surface in the direction of the wood grain only.

  • - Don’t wipe the surface in circular motion for damaging the brightness of paint.
  • Use damp soft cloth soaped with solvent mix with water and lighter fluid to eliminate difficult stain. Use another damp (do not saturate) soft cloth to clean again and finally use a dry soft cloth to absorb excess water. Avoid using rough and unclean cloth to wipe the surface of desk.

  • - Soft cloth soaped with diluted alcohol to remove stamp, ink, lipstick stain.

  • - Soft cloth soaped with methanol, alcohol or acetone to eliminate pencil mark.

  • - Soft cloth soaped with acetone, thinner or naphtha to eliminate juice, paint or marker stain.

  • - Soft cloth soaped with toluene to eliminate tea, coffee or instant glue.

  • - For the above difficult stain, use another damp soft cloth (not wet) to clean again and finish by wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

  • - Be cautious when using methanol, acetone and toluene (they are flammable and corrosive).

  • - Suggest polishing the surface twice a year, allowing 2-3 days for absorbing the wax. Don’t use the desk within this period. Before polishing, use soft cloth soaped with lukewarm cleansing solvent to remove old wax.

  • - In case of serious scratch or damage, contact our Customer Services Department for maintenance arrangement. Maintenance or delivery fee may be charged.


C. Fabric Upholstery Products

  • - Use common cleaning solvents to remove soil or staining materials.

  • - Use vacuum cleaner regularly to remove dust.

  • - Avoid contact with sunlight, it will make the fabric color fade, fragile, and aging may occur.

  • - Avoid contact with excess water, it may lead to wood distortion of other damage.

  • - Always keep the room temperature and humidity at optimum condition to avoid mildew.

  • - If oil-borne/greasy stain is found, use soft cloth to soap up the stain, then apply a dry-cleaning fluid to the soiled area using a damp, clean cloth to wipe away the difficult stain.

  • - For some cushion covers, suggest washing them at professional cleaning shop to prevent shrink and color changes.

  • - Contact our Customer Service Department if professional cleaning service is needed for large fabric areas.



D. Leather products

  • - Wipe the leather with damp soft cloth (not wet) once a week.

  • - Don’t use a fully saturated sponge to clean the leather, soap up the excess water immediately.

  • - Use diluted soap or detergent to eliminate difficult stain only. Don’t use concentrated soap or detergent for daily care, it will damage the texture and color of leather.

  • - Use hand to eliminate the wrinkled and restore appearance.

  • - Avoid using solvents that damage the leather’s texture and brightness, e.g. acid, alkaline, or gasoline.

  • - Avoid contact with sunlight or damp areas, or at area with radiation or heat source.

  • - Avoid scratch from sharp and hard object that will damage the leather.

  • - If mildew appears, use leather cleansing solvent to remove mildew, and move the sofa to dry area.

  • - After cleaning, use leather wax or protective lotion to make leather soft and shiny. Wipe the wax evenly on the leather surface so that the brightness is equal.

  • - If serious scratch or damage is found on the leather surface, please contact our customer service department. We will arrange the product back to the for maintenance. Maintenance and delivery fees may be charged.



E. Tempered Glass Surface Top

  • - Use clean & soft cloth to clean glass surface top or use glass cleaner.

  • - Use thinner, acetone, or alcohol to eliminate permanent marker or greasy stain.

  • - To eliminate difficult stain, use damp soft cloth to wipe and then use newspaper to polish.

  • - Don’t use strong acid or alkaline, especially hydrofluoric.

  • - Avoid hard object crashes with edges, corner or surface top, otherwise it will increase the probability of self-explosion of the tempered glass.

  • - Avoid placing over-heated objects on top of the desktop to prevent partial expansion or damage.

  • - Avoid placing heavy object on the tempered glass top (especially in the middle of glass top ) for long time, it will make glass top distorted or appear cracked, a complete break may occur later.