OFFICE Furniture

Everything is there that you need to work efficiently. Transparent, functional and arranged at the right place and height. Your desk is acoustically and visually shielded by screens on the sides and a third working level at the front.

Reduced to the essential.

It is simple and cost-conscious yet still a highly reliable work space in its purest form. It is a table pared back to the essentials featuring a great design that allows working whether the user is seated or standing.

An office desk system that was developed for a variety of work options.

A multifunctional table system is suitable for all kinds of work. Flexible and modular in design, the TCT-Platform promotes communication and interaction. It is open to change and easily adaptable to today's office requirements.

Everything's under control. Always where you need it.

The CA-TCT pedestals are practical all-rounder. Directly positioned under the desk, they complete the working place and create order: documents and personal items are clearly stowed an can be rapidly fetched.

Make use of the wall.

The pinboard meets your basic needs of wall-oriented workplace organisation, while the W3 product range covers more complex wall organisation requirements and allows segmentation into individual panels.

TCT-A1 Table

A characteristic of the TCT-A1 table is the "turntable" in the centre of the table top. It covers the recessed hollow of the "Power Bowl", where power and network connections can be found. It also functions as a decorative storage place: Pens, notepads and other essentials can be placed here.

Creating space with ease.

This module comprises of the frame, a partition wall element and a tall side cabinet. An optional overhead storage box and work wall components can also be added. These freestanding modules can be arranged side by side or paralleled.

Free Desk

High-quality furniture for personal, focused work in the executive area, the Free Desk is a highly valued computing workstation for executive offices. Electrical height adjustment enables the user to switch spontaneously between standing and sitting height.


A masterly soloist: the new TCT Headoffice explains the essential in an unconventional way. Majestically combined bodies in elongated forms have a powerful aura. Architectural structures are the result, conveying an air of trust, competence and far-sightedness – just like the bridge of a ship.

TCT Storage

Stable construction, perfectly organisable and simply designed. Can be used for wall claddings as a solitary piece of furniture or in combination with lower and upper cabinets. The TCT Storage is suitable for spatial organisation or to expand the work surface.